Award-Nominated Creator, Producer and GM of TTRPG Actual Plays.

Hey! I'm Bleakseason. Thanks for dropping by! I primarily produce, create and run live TTRPG Actual Plays on Twitch, which I also upload as VoD on YouTube.I occasionaly do unboxings and game reviews, as well as the occasional bit of writing.Here, you'll find links to my various work. I'm always up for doing interviews, performing in Actual Plays, and enjoy lending my GMing skills to other channels as well as to fund-raising streams. Don't hesitate to reach out to collaborate! It's always great fun to meet new people, and help each other create!My other passion is heavy metal; down below you'll find info on what I'm currently listening to, as well as recommendations!


May 9th, 8pm ESTPink Moon! w/ GM Myriad[]
May 10th, 9pm ESTLights Ep. 4[]
May 13th, 8:30pm ESTThe True Cross: A Dark Ages VtM Chronicle[]
May 19th, 9:00pm ESTWinter's Larder[]



I mainly Produce and run games on the Folk&Myth Twitch channel. Click on the logo to visit the F&M channel, and see what we've got going on!

Guild Superior

Many of my past games were produced on Guild Superior, and they continue to produce fantastic games and content. Consider clicking the logo to visit the GS site, and give them a follow!

Tales from the bleakseason

Catch up with all the past streams from my own twitch channel by clicking the Bleakseason VoD logo - it will take you to the F&M YouTube page. If you want to be notified when I upload new videos, hit the subscribe button!

Get in touch!

Clicking the Contact logo here will take you to my Linktree page from where you can find the various ways to get in touch, and see what I'm up to! I can also be found on Discord as Bleakseason.

Bleakseason is a Professor of English Literature living in Montreal, Canada. He has 30+ years of TTRPG experience, most of these as a GM. He tends to prefer intense, darker-themed games, and prioritizes the safety and comfort of all who join his table. He runs games that focuses on the characters and their connections to the story.

TTRPGS allow us to experience new vantage points from which to view ourselves, the world, and our place in it. they allow us to live different lives, in different worlds, and to explore experiences that might otherwise not be available to us.

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